Hamilton National Dance Day

September 2019

Hamilton National Dance Day is a celebration of culture through dance in Central New York. It will consist of a series of workshops and classes, culminating in a variety show where all of the attendees can participate. 
Sponsored by Hamilton National Dance Day Inc. 

Mission of Hamilton National Dance Day Inc. 

Hamilton National Dance Day Inc. is a corporation that seeks to build social capital through the use of dance to foster stronger cross-cultural relationships within communities which assist to bridge gaps, build, foster and transform relationships. Hence promoting open communication through active conversations among diverse ethnic groups both from within and outside communities which contribute to collective economic, political and social empowerment.

Executive Team

President - Terica E. Adams

Secretary - Charity Whyte

Treasurer - Noah Goldberg, Esq

Legal Officer - Michelle Hollebeke, Esq

Board of Directors

Executive Director - Terica E. Adams

Director - Juliette Adams

Director - Sumeeta Sankar

Director - Paola Libraro

Bridging Gaps, Fostering Relationships and Transforming through Dance.

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