Hamilton National Dance Day

September 2019

Hamilton National Dance Day is a celebration of culture through dance in Central New York. It will consist of a series of workshops and classes, culminating in a variety show where all of the attendees can participate. 
Sponsored by Hamilton National Dance Day Inc. 

The Slater Brothers’ Hamilton International Film Festival is proving to be much more than just another Film Festival. Originally, the brothers established the Festival to give back to the small central New York Community they grew-up in. But the festival is turning into a prime networking spot for film makers from across the globe and that is fine with Todd and Grant Slater. 

“One of the things we both wanted was a Festival that would bring the film makers in close contact with the community and each other. The size of Hamilton and how we present the four day event, really forces film makers to interact with each other and the community in general.” states, Grant Slater. 

If you are interested in submitting a film, please click here

For more information on the film festival and Slater Brothers Entertainment, please visit their website at www.slaterbrothersentertainment.com

Bridging Gaps, Fostering Relationships and Transforming through Dance.

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